Daft Punked! Paddy Power gatecrash The Brits (2014)

With the Brit Awards being about as much craic as a baby shower, Paddy Power decided that we should restore a little rock-and-roll to the party and our Daft Punk doppelgangers gave onlookers a little more than they bargained for, as they dropped their trousers on the red carpet to reveal their Paddy Power Get Lucky Pants!

Paddy Partners Paddy Partners Bentner Gets Lucky

Bendtner gets lucky (2012)

Denmark's star striker got lucky too, with a brace of headers in the Euro 2012 Group B clash with Portugal. Paddy Power's lucky pants made their first appearance on the world stage as Bendtner flashed his underwear after scoring his second. UEFA slammed down an £80k fine on the striker (which Paddy Power paid): more than Serbia were fined for their racist fans. Fortunately our next piece of clothing had a far more positive impact on football than that decision…

Paddy Partners Paddy Partners Rainbow Laces

Rainbow Laces (2013)

Paddy Power teamed up with leading gay rights charity Stonewall in order to get Right Behind Gay Footballers and challenged players to say "we don't care which team you play for" and show their support for gay footballers by wearing rainbow coloured boot laces. We distributed the laces to every footballer across all 134 professional clubs in the UK and fortunately a number of players, as well as Gary Linekar on Match of the Day, showed their true colours as they laced up to support the anti-homophobia campaign.

Paddy Partners Paddy Partners Sky Tweets

#SkyTweets (2012)

We also offered our support to Europe's 2012 Ryder Cup team as we took to the skies above the Medinah Country Club (USA) to deliver the world's first "sky tweets". Paddy Power's followers tweeted in their messages of support (and jibes at Tiger Woods) and our team of stunt planes wrote the five-mile long messages high in the sky – where they were acknowledged by Rory McIllroy and shown on Sky Sports and BBC's Sports Personality of the Year Award's Ceremony.

Paddy Partners Paddy Partners London Olympics

Official Sponsor of the largest athletics event in London (France), 2012

The London Olympics took centre stage in 2012 and one of the biggest stories leading up to the event was the draconian approach to anyone considered to be infringing on the Olympic brand. Enter London, France, and Paddy Power's official sponsorship of their largest athletics event, an egg-and-spoon race, which we decided to advertise our official sponsorship of on billboards in London railway stations. The Olympic Organising Committee weren't happy, but the adverts stayed up.

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