Why Players Love Us.

We're not like everyone else

Can you think of another bookmaker who had a footballer flash their lucky pants at Euro 2012?

Or a casino who gatecrashed the Brits? Didn't think so. Our customers can't remember anyone else doing anything exciting either – and over 1.2 million Facebook fans can't be wrong.

Would you play bingo, poker or slots online if it was no fun? Would you trust a bookie who kept your cash in the event of a dodgy decision? Of course you wouldn't. Yet, lots of people still do. Not Paddy Power players, though.



Sign-up Bonuses, Competitive Odds & Massive Jackpots

Sure, we give them excellent sign-up bonuses, competitive odds, massive casino jackpots and more promotions than ever before.

but there's something else they get with Paddy Power: entertainment. Who wouldn't laugh at a 50 foot high sign towering over Cheltenham Festival, tweets written in the sky at the Ryder Cup or TV adverts mocking overpaid footballers?

We also give them state-of-the-art technology: our casino site personalises their homepage, whilst sports bettors can combine horses, choose their own money back special and cash-out bets.



Best Atmosphere Around

We've got the best bingo atmosphere and players love having a natter with our chat moderators

whilst our large poker player pool and inclusion in iPoker Tier 1 means that your players won't be solely swimming with the sharks – though they are competing at the Paddy Power Irish Open – Europe's longest running poker tournament.

Market leading mobile products for both casino and games means your players have the same enjoyment playing at home or on the move.



Justice Payouts &
Money Back Specials

Our sports customers simply like the way we
single-handedly changed the face of betting

Our Justice Payouts ensure they're not out of pocket in the event of a dodgy decision. And, at Paddy Power there's not just two outcomes – win or lose. There's also 'Money Back' which gives you your money back if your bet loses (sometimes free bets, but often cold, hard cash).

On the night of the 2011 Champions League final, our customers benefited to the tune of €3 million.

You never know what's going to happen next with Paddy Power – but you can bet it won’t be like everyone else – and that's why our players love us